Power Vent High Efficiency Water Heater Review

High-Efficiency Water Heater Review

High-Efficiency eF Collection ®

BW-powervent-water-heaterThis is the Bradford White High-Efficiency eF Collection ® Electrical power Vent hot water heater. It integrates a thermal performance of over 90%. In addition, it has a high storage capacity to provide an excellent quantity of functional warm water. The power vented hot water heater utilizes inside air for combustion therefore only one vent pipe is needed. An upright, dual-pass heat exchanger gets rid of the rust, scale and corrosion issues related to condensing hot water heaters. The 5″ tube splits into 3 2″ heat transfer tubes. The self-priming condensate tee removes the requirement for an outer trap installation.

High EF TTW ®BW-powervent-water-heater

The High EF TTW ® provides an enhanced quantity of warm water readily available at a functional temperature level in much less time compared to typical standard units. This collection supplies extra insulation, leading to greater Power ratings. It’s rated for POWER CELEBRITY ® demands. Like our TTW ® 1 and also TTW ® 2 collections, these versions are electrical power ducted for favorable exhaust. They supply better installment adaptability with the capacity to duct from a wall surface of roofing system, with either 3″ or 4″ PVC, CPVC or ABS.

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