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A Little About Heating and Air Conditioning

A cold blast of air on a hot day can be one of the most comforting feelings there is.

Air conditioning is often used to offset external temperatures to make conditions indoors are more habitable. It may be used in commercial buildings, residential houses, and even sports arenas. In Canada and the USA, plenty of homes have air conditioning which accounts for almost half of the homes’ energy consumption. HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) faculties are a requirement in almost all commercial and residential buildings today.

refrigeratorHow it got started

Air conditioning has been around ever since the first refrigerators were invented. Scientists have become more innovative with mechanical and electrical cooling. Since then, air conditioning applications have spread to even more domestic and industrial uses.


In residential properties, there may be a central air conditioning system which regulates the temperature and humidity from a central location. You may also have separate air conditioning units. These are used to cool special rooms and not others. Regardless of the air conditioning system, proper maintenance and care are vital. These HVAC components make up a system for total comfort in the home. A heat pump has some added features that provide a degree of heating in winter. The efficiency of the heat pump, however, is usually decreased as the outdoor temperature drops.

Service & Repair

A qualified technician with substantial experience is advised whenever the system needs to be fixed. There are many, “do it yourself” advocates, but it is often not air-conditioning-furnaceworth the risk. Correct installation and maintenance by a professional reduces costs and increases lifespan. Repair could include replacement of individual parts or the whole depending on what the technician advises.

With the technological advancements of modern times, prices of air conditioners have reduced. This has made them more affordable and accessible for many individuals and families. Prices vary according to the type of system or device. There are window conditioners, through the wall air conditioners and portable air conditioners. The size of the air conditioner could also come into play when it comes to prices. The efficiency or S.E.E.R. rating are other factors to consider when looking at purchasing Central Air, an H.R.V. or a new furnace.

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